Merson backs Arsenal for Rafinha after losing Mudric

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has backed his former club to sign Barcelona midfielder Rafinha after missing out on Michaelo Mudric.

“Cannon” put Mudric as the main target for strengthening the team in the January market, but in the end it was Chelsea who snatched it. Which Merson saw that the ufabet team should be disappointed with what happened. climb But suggested that Ben aim to find a former Leeds United player instead.

“They’re going to be very disappointe,” Merson told Sky Sports. Will they pay a little more?”

“Then Chelsea came out of nowhere, Arsenal got knock out and that’s what it was.”

“Now they have to regroup again. Obviously they have a few more players on the list and they haven’t thrown everything. I think they may go for Barcelona’s Rafinha, Barcelona still have things to deal with.

‘If Arsenal then go, “right we will give you those wages”, how do you think those players are going to react? It is a happy dressing room at the moment. If you start bringing in players and giving them, 200, 300 grand, players start getting unsettled.

‘You are better off not rocking the boat. These chances do not come along too often. They are top of the league, you have got to seize the moment and you don’t want to ruin that.’